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SimTempRun Class Reference

Simulated tempering with profasi. More...

#include <SimTempRun.hh>

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- Public Member Functions inherited from BasicMCRun
int parseCommands (std::list< InstructionString > &cmds)
 Execute commands collected with getCommands.
- Protected Member Functions inherited from BasicMCRun
virtual void writeConf ()
 Write program state to PROFASI binary configuration file.
int recover (unsigned rcyc=(unsigned)-1)
 Restore the state of the run to a given point of a previous run.
FILE * open_segment (std::string prfx)
 Open a new conf.data___ file for a new simulation segment.
- Protected Attributes inherited from BasicMCRun
PopulationHandler PH
 A population handler.
ObsHandler H
 An observable handler.
RandomNumberHandler ranh
 A handler object for random numbers.
FFHandler ffh
 A force field handler.

Detailed Description

The class definition here looks a bit thin. It does not even have an explicit Run function. But it inherits a large number of properties from the class BasicMCRun. Most of the steps required during a simulated tempering run are also required in a simple cannonical MC run. There are only a few extra steps. This class implements only those differences relative to BasicMCRun. In simulated tempering, the temperature is a dynamic variable, and changes during the simulation. The algorithm defines a specific way in which the temperature is updated, which is implemented in the update_T() function. The Run function of the BasicMCRun class calls an update_T function at a suitable point. That has no meaning for a cannonical MC run, but gives a way to implement other algorithms without repeating too much code. The parseCommands function here only processes commands that are specific to simulated annealing.

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