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prf::Contact Class Reference

An abstraction of a contact. More...

#include <Contact.hh>

Public Member Functions

 Contact (int i1, int i2)
 Create a Contact object, between integers i1 and i2.
 Contact (const Contact &c)
 Copy a contact.
Contactoperator= (const Contact &c)
bool operator== (const Contact &c)
 Comparison to see if two contact objects represent the same contact.
bool operator< (const Contact &c)
 "Less than" operation is useful for sorting

Detailed Description

This represents a link or a bond between two objects which are represented by two integers. It could, for instance, be an "edge" of graph theory, between two "nodes" labeled as integers. An object of this type merely stores those integers. It can be used to store information about one hydrogen bond or one native contact.

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