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prf::FlattenedPL Class Reference

Power law with a small distance cut. More...

#include <RestraintFunction.hh>

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Public Member Functions

int set_pars (prf_xml::XML_Node *pars)
 Set parameters form an XML node.
double operator() (double x)
 Evaluate the function for a given value of the coordinate.
- Public Member Functions inherited from prf::RestraintFunction
 RestraintFunction ()
 Default constructor.
virtual double estimate_max (double scale_large)
 Estimate a maximum based on some "large" scale.
virtual double estimate_min ()
 Estimate a minimum.

Detailed Description

If the distance is greater than what would be the mean for the power law, it is equivalent to the power law. But if the atoms are closer, the potential does not grow but stays at 0.

Member Function Documentation

int FlattenedPL::set_pars ( prf_xml::XML_Node pars)

The node must be called parameters . It must have a field called mean and another called weight. These fields are inheritted by all other restraint functions, so they don't need their own.

Reimplemented from prf::RestraintFunction.

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