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prf::Vector3 Class Reference

A representation of three vectors. More...

#include <Vector3.hh>

Public Member Functions

double phi () const
 The azimuth angle.
double theta () const
 The polar angle.
double mag2 () const
 The magnitude squared.
double mag () const
 The magnitude.
double perp2 () const
 The transverse component squared..
double perp () const
 The transverse component.
void phi (double)
 Set phi keeping mag and theta constant.
void theta (double)
 Set theta keeping mag and phi constant.
void mag (double)
 Set magnitude keeping theta and phi constant.
Vector3operator= (const Vector3 &p)
Vector3operator+= (const Vector3 &p)
Vector3 operator+ (const Vector3 &p) const
Vector3operator-= (const Vector3 &p)
Vector3 operator- (const Vector3 &p) const
Vector3 operator- () const
 Unary minus.
Vector3operator*= (double a)
 Scaling with real numbers.
Vector3 operator* (double a) const
 Scaling with real numbers.
double dot (const Vector3 &p) const
 Scalar product.
Vector3 cross (const Vector3 &p) const
 Cross product.
Vector3 operator* (const Vector3 &p) const
 Cross product.
double angle (const Vector3 &) const
 The angle w.r.t. another 3-vector.
double torsion (const Vector3 &prev, const Vector3 &next)
 Torsion angle about one vector.
void rotateX (double)
 Rotates the Vector3 around the x-axis.
void rotateY (double)
 Rotates the Vector3 around the y-axis.
void rotateZ (double)
 Rotates the Vector3 around the z-axis.
void rotate (double, const Vector3 &)
 Rotates around the axis specified by another Vector3.
Components in cartesian coordinate system.

Access and change the components in cartesian coordinates.

double x () const
double y () const
double z () const
void x (double gx)
void y (double gy)
void z (double gz)
double operator[] (int i)


Vector3 operator* (double a, const Vector3 &)
 Scaling of 3-vectors with a real number.

Detailed Description

The code for this class originally comes from the HEP_THREE_VECTOR class from the CLHEP package. It's a small but very useful class.

Member Function Documentation

double prf::Vector3::torsion ( const Vector3 prev,
const Vector3 next 

The vectors prev, this and next can be thought of as leading from arbitrary points a->b, b->c, and c->d respectively. The torsion angle is defined as the angle on the plane perpendicular to the vector b->c (this), between the projections of the points. The sense of the angle is positive if the rotation vector from the projection of 'a' to the projection of 'd' is in the same direction as the vector "this".

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