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prf_utils::ProgOpt Class Reference

One option that a program may handle. More...

#include <ProgUtils.hh>

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Public Member Functions

 ProgOpt (std::string longname, std::string shortname, int numargus=1, std::string somedesc="")
 Construct with name, number of arguments and a description.
 ProgOpt (const ProgOpt &)
 Copy constructor.
void nargs (int i)
 Set/change the number of expected arguments.
std::string value (int i)
 The i'th value passed to this option.
void value (int i, std::string st)
 Set the i'th value for this option.
int max_args () const
 Retrieve number of expected arguments.
- Public Member Functions inherited from prf_utils::OptBase
void Name (std::string st)
 Set a name for an option created with the default constructor.
std::string Name () const
 Retrieve the option name.
std::string LongName () const
 Retrieve long name.
void LongName (std::string st)
 Set a long name.
std::string short_help () const
 Retrieve short help-text/info.
void short_help (std::string st)
 Set short help text.
std::string help () const
 Help text.
void set_help_text (std::string st)
 Set help text.
void append_help_text (std::string st)
 Append to existing help text.
void set_given ()
 Activate the option.
bool state () const
 Is the option active ?

Detailed Description

This class is mostly intended to be used along with ProgArgs. It represents one of the many options which might be handled by ProgArgs.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

prf_utils::ProgOpt::ProgOpt ( std::string  longname,
std::string  shortname,
int  numargus = 1,
std::string  somedesc = "" 

This is likely the most useful way of constructing these. A long name is a descriptive full name of the option. On the command line one would specify an option with the long name by preceding it with two hyphens. Like, for an option with a long name "output_file", one would write, for example,
a.out –output_file somefile.dat
Short name is the abbreviation for the same option, specified on hte command line with a single hyphen. The integer argument numargus specifies how many values are passed to this option. Like, one value for the output_file option above. The somedesc argument is a some short information about the option. It could, for instance, specify that an integer argument actually can take only 3 legitimate values.

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