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prf_utils::StatBox Class Reference

#include <statistics.hh>

Public Member Functions

 StatBox ()
 Default constructor.
 StatBox (const StatBox &stbx)
 Copy constructor, it is possible to copy StatBox objects.
StatBoxoperator= (const StatBox &stbx)
void reset ()
 Reset StatBox, to start taking statistics afresh.
void put (double x)
 Put a double value x into the StatBox.
double mean () const
 Mean of all values "put" into the StatBox.
double upper () const
 Maximum value.
double lower () const
 Minimum value.
double rms () const
 Root Mean Square value for all the entries.
double variance () const
double stddev () const
 Standard deviation.
int numberofentries () const
 Number of entries.
double sum () const
 Sum of the entries.
double sqrsum () const
 Sum of the squares of the entries.

Detailed Description

The StatBox is a little class which is designed to work a bit like the old fashioned pocket calculators in the statistical mode. One can reset the StatBox, one can put numbers in it, and find mean, standard deviation etc. The numbers themselves will not be stored in StatBox. So, correlations can't be calculated. But sometimes we are not interested in any more than means and variations. To calculate correlations, use CorrelationBox.

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