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 ProFASi PDB handling module
 ProFASi XML module
 Basic XML parsing for ProFASi.
 PROFASI trajectory module
 Interface to trajectory files in PROFASI This module contains a set of classes to manage interpretation of trajectories (PROFASI trajectory files) .


class  prf_utils::AdaptiveHis
 A histogram that can adjust its own range according to the data. More...
class  prf_utils::His1D
 The default histogram utility in ProFASi is based on His1D. More...
class  prf_utils::His2D
 A histogram with 2 independent variables. More...
class  prf_utils::ProgOpt
 One option that a program may handle. More...
class  prf_utils::ProgArgs
 A utility to help manage program parameters. More...
class  prf::RMSD
 Root Mean Square Deviation. More...
class  prf_utils::Timer
 ProFASi's own timer for managing time limited runs. More...

Detailed Description

This is a diverse and loosely bound group of classes that are necessary for performing some actions on the concept classes grouped under the module Building Blocks .

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