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Merging and converting ProFASi histograms with his1dmerge

The program "his1dmerge" reads one or more histogram files, combines all read histograms and creates a single histogram file out of their data. His1D or AdaptiveHis objects store normalization and range information. These can be used to construct properly normalized total histograms. The data layout and normalization mode of the output histograms can be chosen here. This means, this program also functions as a converter for different histogram forms. The layout of the input histogram will be inferred from what is in there. Only the layout of the output histogram can be passed as an argument. Histograms of different layout can be merged without problems.

See Also
prf_utils::His1D, prf_utils::AdaptiveHis


his1dmerge.ex [OPTIONS] input_file(s)

Options could be any of ...


his1dmerge -v -o test.his n* /his_Etot

The above will create a combined histogram from all files that match the pattern n* /his_Etot. Note that His1D objects are intrinsically blocked, meaning each histogram can contain multiple blocks of data, corresponding to, for instance, different temperatures.

his1dmerge oldhis.dat -nm 2 -l 2 -o newhis.dat

The above will convert an old ProFASi histogram to a new one with normalization mode 2 and layout 2.

For explanation of available normalization modes and different data layouts please see the prf_utils::His1D class documentation.

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