PROFASI  Version 1.5
Merging binary data from His2D objects

The program his2drender.ex creates a plotable file out of the binary data saved by a His2D object in PROFASI. Like his1dmerge, it can merge information from several histograms and normalise the result, if multiple files are passed. Two data layouts are supported at the moment. For details on the data layout, please refer to the documentation of prf_utils::His2D. The default layout is 2.


his2drender [OPTIONS] input_file(s)

Options could be any of ...


his2drender n* /BackboneRMSD_Etot_4 -o test.his –verbose

The above will create a single 3d plot file out of all files that match the pattern n* /BackboneRMSD_Etot_4 and save the result to the specified output.

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