PROFASI  Version 1.5
prf::prf_pdb_vars Namespace Reference

Constants describing the format of an atom record in PDB files.


const int chain_label_column = 21
 Chain label start column.
const int chain_label_width = 1
 Chain label width.
const int res_num_column =23
 Residue number start column.
const int res_num_width =3
 Residue number width.
const int res_label_column =17
 Residue label start column.
const int res_label_width =3
 Residue label width.
const int atom_label_column =12
 Atom label column.
const int atom_label_width =4
 Atom label width.
const int atom_index_column =6
 Atom index column.
const int atom_index_width =5
 Atom index width.
const int atom_type_column =13
 Atom type column.
const int alt_coord_column =16
 Alternative records column.
const int crd_x_col =30
 X coordinate start column.
const int crd_y_col =38
 Y coordinate start column.
const int crd_z_col =46
 Z coordinate start column.
const int crd_col_width =8
 Width of coordinates fields.
const int occup_col =56
 Occupancy column.
const int occup_width =4
 Width of occupancy field.

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