PROFASI  Version 1.5
Converting between structure file formats

The utility prf_convert can convert between the ProFASi XML structure format, ProFASi text configuration format and the PDB format.

Examples: prf_convert abc.xml abc.pdb
prf_convert abc.pdb abc.xml
prf_convert abc.tconf -o abc.pdb –add_chain 10 "ACE*KLVFFAE*NH2"
prf_convert abc.tconf -o abc.xml –settings_file my_settings.cnf

If neither input nor output format is the tconf format, the input and output filenames are just the first and second command line arguments given. If a tconf file is involved, more arguments are needed, and the user has to specify which of these arguments is the output file name. Also, since the tconf format does not store sequence information, instructions about population set up have to be given either as command line arguments or in a settings file as demonstrated above.

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