PROFASI  Version 1.5
Creating PROFASI style 2-d histograms with prf_his2d

This application creates a density plots P(x,y) out of a stream of (x,y) values. The data is assumed to be a white space separated stream of numbers with no punctuation. You need to use UNIX commands "awk" or "cut" to extract the relevant columns of data if the data file contains many columns, and pipe it to prf_his2d like this:

awk '{print $15,$3;}' the_datafile | prf_his2d -r1 0 25 -nb1 100 -r2 10 200 -nb2 100 -o output.his

The available options are :

PROFASI: Protein Folding and Aggregation Simulator, Version 1.5
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