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Current and upcoming courses are listed below. See also plans for future courses and previous courses.

Monte Carlo and molecular dynamics tools (study period II, 7.5 ECTS)

The course gives a basic introduction to techniques for simulating complex systems and processes, typically with many coupled degrees of freedom. The main aim of the course is to introduce the students to applications of these techniques. To this end, the course contains five one-week projects in different areas (astronomy, biophysics, elementary particle physics, medical radiation physics and physical/theoretical chemistry).

Introductory meeting: April 1, Cassiopeia (Astronomy)

Teachers: Melvyn B. Davies, Anders Irbäck, Michael Ljungberg, Leif Lönnblad, Ulf Ryde

Course coordinator:

Course schedule: here

Course registration form: here.

Spring 2019

Distributed computing concepts and tools (study period II, 4.5 ECTS)

The course gives introduction into concepts of geographically distributed computing, such as that implemented by research e-infrastructures dealing with large data volumes and high processing rates. The course is a combination of lectures and hands-on tutorials, addressing aspects of security, authentication and authorisation, interfaces to computing services, principles of distributed storage and data handling, resource characterisation and discovery, information representation and monitoring, workload management and scheduling in a distributed environment. It introduces concepts of services, interfaces, resource virtualisation, meta-protocols, non-interactive workloads, digital certificates and trust, Virtual Organisations, information systems and execution environments. Existing tools and services are introduced as well. The students will obtain personal certificates and a temporary access to a distributed computing infrastructure for exercises. Assessment is done on the basis of the course project, during which the students are expected to make use of distributed computing to solve their daily tasks.

Teachers: Oxana Smirnova, Balazs Konya, Florido Paganelli

Course responsible: Oxana Smirnova

For more details see the course webpage. To register please fill in the registration form and return to Ross Church by email or internal mail to Astronomi, HS25.

Other courses of interest to COMPUTE PhD students

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