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26 March at 14.15 in Lundmarksalen (Astronomy), coffee/tea will be served after the talk

Martin Turbet (Laboratoire de Météorologie Dynamique, Paris):
Exploring the diversity of planetary atmospheres with Global Climate Models

More than 50 years ago, scientists created the first Global Climate Models (GCMs) to study the atmosphere of the Earth. Since then, the complexity and the level of realism of these models (that can now include the effect of oceans, clouds, aerosols, chemistry, vegetation, etc.) have considerably increased. The large success of these models have recently motivated the development of an entire family of GCMs designed to study extra-terrestrial environments in our solar system (Venus, Mars, Titan, Pluto) and even beyond (extrasolar planets).

I will first show various GCM applications on Venus, Mars, Titan and Pluto. Solar system GCMs successes and sometimes failures teach us useful lessons to investigate and possibly predict the possible climates on planets where no (or almost no) observations are available. I will then present several examples of studies recently performed using a 'generic' Global Climate Model developed at the Laboratoire de Météorologie Dynamique in Paris, designed to explore the possible atmospheres and the habitability of ancient planets or extrasolar planets.

12 April in LUX building

  • Bayes at Lund 2018 The deadline for abstract submission is February 11, and for registration is April 1. More details here.

    8 May at 14.15 in Lundmarksalen (Astronomy)

    Alice Quillen (University of Rochester): Astro-viscoelastodynamics

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