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The COMPUTE winter meeting 2017 will take place on Friday 3 March in Lundmarksalen (astronomy building) and the associated foyer. The theme for this year's meeting is Machine Learning. The meeting is open to everyone associated with COMPUTE or anyone simply interested in getting to know more about the COMPUTE activities.

Free lunch and coffee/tea is provided for all participants. For catering reasons, please register your participation by sending an e-mail before 12:00 Thursday 23 February to with the subject title "COMPUTE winter meeting registration".

Program COMPUTE winter meeting 2017

10.00-10.30 Coffee and tea  
10.30-11.15Luke Church Interacting with machine learning
11.15-12.00Jonas Björk/Johan Frid Automatic extraction of facts from epidemiological literature: a case study of the MDC cohort
12.00-12.45Casper K Sønderby (CPH) Deep generative neural networks: Maximum likelihood, variational inference and beyond
12.45-13.30Lunch (sandwich in the foyer) 
13.30-14.15 Mattias Ohlsson Machine learning as a tool in clinical decision support
14.15-15.00COMPUTE study directors et al. Update on COMPUTE activities, and REACH
15.00-15.30Coffee and tea 

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