Y. L. Gagnon, B. Söderberg, and R. H. Kröger
Effects of the peripheral layers on the optical properties of spherical fish lenses

Journal of the Optical Society of America A 25, 2468-2475 (2008)

Abstract: We created a computational optical model of spherical fish lenses that takes into account the effects of the peripheral layers that differ in cellular composition from the bulk of the lens. A constant refractive index, except for the lens capsule, in the outer about 6 % of lens radius made it possible to uniquely infer the refractive index gradient in more central layers from a known or desired longitudinal spherical aberration curve using the inverse Abel transform. Since the zone of constant refractive index is wider than necessary to make the solution unique and for optimal optical performance of the lens, we propose that its width is set by the metabolic needs of the lens.

LU TP 08-02