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Macromolecular crowding as a determinant of protein viability ‒ a lattice model study
Daniel Nilsson
[ Abstract ]


Efficient simulation of proteins in crowded environments using coarse-grained models
Björn Linse
[ Abstract ]


Nanochannel-based DNA barcoding for plasmid characterisation
Erik Lagerstedt
[ Abstract ]

Amyloid nucleation in presence of crowders
Jonas Wessén
[ Abstract ]


Theoretical calculations for competitive binding of site-specific-mers: Joint theory-experimental study of nanochannel-based optical DNA maps
Adam Nilsson
[ Abstract ]


Describing radial patterning and leaf polarity in plants using a model of a dynamic shoot apical meristem with primordia initiation
André Larsson
[ Abstract ]


Tracer particle dynamics in heterogeneous many-body systems
Karl Fogelmark
[ Abstract ]

A study of the shoot apical meristem by means of computational modeling and microarray analysis
Christopher Sturk
[ Abstract ]


Testing Monte Carlo algorithms for protein folding simulations
Rasmus Wedberg
[ Abstract ]

Cardiac surgery mortality prediction using artificial neural networks and ensemble weighting methods
Emil Gunnarsson
[ Abstract ]


A pattern generating model inspired by plant phyllotaxis
Patrik Sahlin
[ Abstract ]


Modeling the TGF-beta signaling pathway in endothelial cells
Pontus Melke
[ Abstract ]

Simulating mechanical unfolding of proteins
Simon Mitternacht
[ Abstract ]


Bioinformatic exploration of antisense transcripts
Samuel Andersson
[ Abstract ]

Bioinformatics-based exploration of regulatory regions in the human genome
Srinivas Veerla
[ Abstract ]

Time-dependent transcriptional changes in a breast cancer cell line caused by hypoxia
Naomi Glarner
[ Abstract ]

Comparing prognostic markers for metastases in breast cancer using artificial neural networks
Cecilia Ritz
[ Abstract ]


Classification of ECGs and microarray data using support vector machines
Peter Johansson
[ Abstract ]

A hybrid approach to the quadratic assignment problem
Christian Mårtenson
[ Abstract ]

Quantifying local reliability of sequence alignments using mean field annealing
Maximillian Schlosshauer
[ Abstract ]


Protein maps based on structual alignments
Björn Samuelsson
[ Abstract ]

Enumerating designing sequences in the hp model
Carl Troein
[ Abstract ]


Are functional protein sequences random?
Henrik Haraldsson
[ Abstract ]

A modified delta test
Björn Persson
[ Abstract ]


Modelling the structures of forests
Paul Cronholm
[ Abstract ]

Bayesian neural network learning
André Stranne
[ Abstract ]


Neural network approaches to job shop problems
Henrik Jönsson
[ Abstract ]


Protein secondary structure from hydrophobicity using neural networks
Magnus Gustafsson
[ Abstract ]

Numerical study of a simple model of evolution
Mats Dahlbom
[ Abstract ]


Dipolymeric model of protein folding
Frank Potthast
[ Abstract ]