11th Swedish Bioinformatics Workshop
for PhD students and Postdocs
29–30 September 2011.
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Dept. of Astronomy and Theoretical Physics and Dept. of Biology, Lund University

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How to get here

map Lund University is spread out in the central to north-eastern parts of the city of Lund. The workshop venue, lecture hall A of the Physics department, is located at Sölvegatan 14. It is roughly a 15-minute walk from the city centre and the train station (Lund C).

We have gathered some information about how to travel by air, by train and by car.

Arrival by plane

There are two airports close to Lund: Malmö Airport (Sturup) located 30 km south-east of Lund and Copenhagen Airport (Kastrup, Denmark) about 25 km south-west of Lund.

Kastrup (CPH), Copenhagen Airport, Denmark to Lund C

As you will see from the air, Copenhagen Airport (Kastrup) is next to the bridge to Sweden. From Kastrup trains across the bridge to Sweden (Öresundstågen) leave from platform 1 several times per hour. It appears that all trains for Malmö C now continue to Lund C, but do check to be sure. From the airport to Lund, the travel time is about 35 minutes. A one-way ticket (ask for a ticket to Lund) is 135 SEK. Tickets are sold at the ticket counters (and in the machines?) in the terminal building, next to the exits to the trains. DKK or SEK cash should work, and most credit cards are accepted. Tickets can NOT be purchased on board the trains anymore.

Sturup (MMX), Malmö Airport, Sweden to Lund C

From Sturup, there is a bus (Flygbussarna) to the centre of Lund (approximately twice an hour). Tickets are sold on the bus, and a return ticket is 200 SEK. The interval between buses is variable but usually about 50 minutes, and the bus takes 40 minutes to Lund central station. If time is of the essence, a 30 minute taxi ride into Lund is about 425 SEK, but you must agree ask for the price before you take the taxi. Unfortunately, some taxi drivers/companies will happily charge you many times the normal rate if you have not agreed on a price. We recommend the large and well-reputed company Taxi Skåne (330 330). Feel free to walk up to the frontmost car of your taxi company of choice even if there are other taxis ahead of it in the queue, or better yet give them a call in advance.

Arriving by train from elsewhere in Sweden

The train station in Lund (Lund C) is located in the centre of Lund. From the station there are many ways to get to the venue.

  • By foot in about 15 minutes.
  • By taxi (we recommend that you check the price first; see above).
  • By bus number 1 towards Östra Torn. Get off at Fysiologen (the 4th stop). The bus takes about 4 minutes.

By car

There are several parking lots in the vicinity of the Physics buildings. You will be most likely to find a free space if you go across Tornavägen, up along Sölvegatan. Last we checked, Zone A was considerably cheaper than Zone B.