Computational Biology & Biological Physics
Dept. of Astronomy and Theoretical Physics | Faculty of Science | Lund University


The CBBP group is responsible for the following undergraduate courses:
Computational Physics
FYTN03 (7.5 hp)
Statistical Mechanics
FYTN15 (7.5 hp)
Theoretical Biophysics
FYTN05 (7.5 hp)
Systems Biology – Models and Computations
FYTN12 (7.5 hp)
Artificial Neural Networks and Deep Learning
FYTN14 (7.5 hp)
Fluid Dynamics
FYTA14 (7.5 hp)

In addition, group members participates in some first year courses within the Mathematics/Physics program.

For a full list of courses offered at the Department of Astronomy and Theoretical Physics, see the ATP education pages.