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theplu::yat::classifier::FeatureSelector Class Referenceabstract

Interface class for FeatureSelection. More...

#include <yat/classifier/FeatureSelector.h>

Inheritance diagram for theplu::yat::classifier::FeatureSelector:
theplu::yat::classifier::FeatureSelectorIR theplu::yat::classifier::FeatureSelectorRandom

Public Member Functions

 FeatureSelector (size_t N, size_t skip=0)
 Default Constructor.
virtual ~FeatureSelector (void)
const MatrixLookup get (const MatrixLookup &data)
const MatrixLookupWeighted get (const MatrixLookupWeighted &data)
const utility::Index features (void) const
virtual void update (const MatrixLookup &matrix, const Target &target)=0
virtual void update (const MatrixLookupWeighted &matrix, const Target &target)=0

Protected Attributes

utility::Index features_
size_t first_
size_t N_

Detailed Description

Interface class for FeatureSelection.

Member Function Documentation

const utility::Index theplu::yat::classifier::FeatureSelector::features ( void  ) const
indices corresponding to selected features.
const MatrixLookup theplu::yat::classifier::FeatureSelector::get ( const MatrixLookup data)
MatrixLookup containing only selected features.
const MatrixLookupWeighted theplu::yat::classifier::FeatureSelector::get ( const MatrixLookupWeighted data)
MatrixLookupWeighted containing only selected features.
virtual void theplu::yat::classifier::FeatureSelector::update ( const MatrixLookup matrix,
const Target target 
pure virtual
virtual void theplu::yat::classifier::FeatureSelector::update ( const MatrixLookupWeighted matrix,
const Target target 
pure virtual

Member Data Documentation

size_t theplu::yat::classifier::FeatureSelector::first_

number of features to skip in list

size_t theplu::yat::classifier::FeatureSelector::N_

number of features selected and returned

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