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theplu::yat::utility::TypeInfo Class Reference

Wrapper class for storing std::type_info. More...

#include <yat/utility/TypeInfo.h>

Public Member Functions

 TypeInfo (void)
 TypeInfo (const std::type_info &)
const std::type_info & get (void) const
std::string name (void) const
TypeInfooperator= (const TypeInfo &)
 assignment operator

Related Functions

(Note that these are not member functions.)

bool operator== (const TypeInfo &, const TypeInfo &)
 Equality comparison. More...
bool operator!= (const TypeInfo &, const TypeInfo &)
 Based on operator==.
bool operator< (const TypeInfo &lhs, const TypeInfo &rhs)
 Ordering relation. More...
bool operator<= (const TypeInfo &, const TypeInfo &)
 Based on operators == and <.
bool operator> (const TypeInfo &, const TypeInfo &)
 Based on operator <.
bool operator>= (const TypeInfo &, const TypeInfo &)
 Based on operator <=.

Detailed Description

Wrapper class for storing std::type_info.

Member Function Documentation

const std::type_info& theplu::yat::utility::TypeInfo::get ( void  ) const
stored type_info
std::string theplu::yat::utility::TypeInfo::name ( void  ) const
name of type

Friends And Related Function Documentation

bool operator< ( const TypeInfo lhs,
const TypeInfo rhs 

Ordering relation.

true iff underlying lhs.get()<rhs.get()
bool operator== ( const TypeInfo ,
const TypeInfo  

Equality comparison.

true iff underlying std::type_info are equal

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