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theplu::yat::utility::VectorExpression< Derived > Class Template Reference

An expression that can be converted to a Vector. More...

#include <yat/utility/VectorExpression.h>

Inheritance diagram for theplu::yat::utility::VectorExpression< Derived >:
theplu::yat::utility::BasicVector< VectorExpression< Derived > >

Public Types

typedef Derived derived_type
 Derived class.

Public Member Functions

 VectorExpression (void)
 default constructor
 ~VectorExpression (void)
 destructor, free allocated memory
 VectorExpression (const VectorExpression &other)
 Cop constructor.
 VectorExpression (VectorExpression &&other)
 Move constructor.
size_t size (void) const
double operator() (size_t i) const
 access an element
const gsl_vector * gsl_vector_p (void) const
 return a GSL vector pointer
gsl_vector * gsl_vector_p (void)
 return a mutable GSL vector pointer
void gsl_vector_p (gsl_vector *v)
 set underlying GSL vector

Protected Member Functions

void allocate_memory (size_t n) const
 allocate memory and throw if fails
void delete_allocated_memory (void)
 clean up

Protected Attributes

gsl_vector * v_

Detailed Description

template<class Derived>
class theplu::yat::utility::VectorExpression< Derived >

An expression that can be converted to a Vector.

yat uses template expression to implement fast linear algebra operations. This class defines the interface of expression that can be converted to a vector.

The class is used in two ways: 1) Classes that implements an expression that translates to a vector, for example, A * x, should inherit from this class. 2) Functions that takes expression that looks like a vector, but do not accept VectorBase, can pass this class.

To inherit from this class do the following:

1) declare you class class MyClass : public VectorExpression<MyClass>

Implement functions

new in yat 0.15

Member Function Documentation

template<class Derived>
size_t theplu::yat::utility::VectorExpression< Derived >::size ( void  ) const
number of elements in vector

Member Data Documentation

template<class Derived>
gsl_vector* theplu::yat::utility::VectorExpression< Derived >::v_

cache variable that is calculated in derived classes via calculate_gsl_vector_p(void);

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