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theplu::yat::utility::weighted_iterator_traits< Iterator > Struct Template Reference

#include <yat/utility/iterator_traits.h>

Public Types

typedef detail::weighted_iterator_traits_detail< value >::type type

Detailed Description

template<class Iterator>
struct theplu::yat::utility::weighted_iterator_traits< Iterator >

Metafunction to decide whether an Iterator is weighted or non-weighted. This (default) implementation returns unweighted_iterator_tag, unless value_type of Iterator is convertible to DataWeight in which case weighted_iterator_tag is returned.

Type Requirements:

Member Typedef Documentation

template<class Iterator>
typedef detail::weighted_iterator_traits_detail<value>::type theplu::yat::utility::weighted_iterator_traits< Iterator >::type
weighted_iterator_tag if Iterator::value_type is convertible to DataWeight

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