Markus Ringnér
Bose-Einstein correlations in e+e- and pBe collisions
Masters Thesis, Lund Institute of Technology, 1994
LUNFD6/(NFFL-7086) 1994

In this study Bose-Einstein correlations between charged pions have been analysed in data of hadronic decays of the Z0 produced in e+e- collisions taken at the DELPHI detector and in data of pBe collisions taken at the NA44 spectrometer.
An attempt to separate a longitudinal and a transverse component of the pion emitting source, as seen in the centre-of-mass system, has been made. For DELPHI data the resulting components are Rt=0.89+-0.05 fm and Rl=0.42+-0.07 fm and for NA44 they are Rt=2.27+-0.09 fm and Rl=1.77+-0.21 fm. The size and shape of the source is found to be different in the two cases.