Proteins are bio-macromolecules shaped by evolution into nanometer-sized machines capable of performing a range of very specific tasks in and outside cells, including transporting molecules and regulating gene expression. My main research interest is to use computer models and simulations, based on the tools and methods of statistial physics, to discover and explore the principles that govern the folding, interaction and evolution of proteins.

For my publications, see here or my Google Scholar page.


Theoretical Biophysics FYTN05/TEK267. The introductory meeting for fall 2014 is on Tuesday September 2 at 10.15 in room Cassiopeia (Astronomy Building).

Coordinator for Bachelor projects in Theoretical Physics. For a list of available projects and supervisors, follow the link.

Study advisor for Bachelor program in Theoretical Physics. Don't hesitate to come see me in my office (room K343) or contact me via email.